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I'm Lisa Happ, a certified divorce, grief, and life coach. I guide women in abusive, toxic and narcissist relationships through the divorce process. Together, let's clear the fog and emotional chaos you're experiencing by setting boundaries, finding your voice, and reclaiming your power. No matter where you're coming from, I'm ready to help.

"Lisa, thank you for walking through my divorce with me. Thank you for helping me get organized and prepared for attorney appointments, thank you for helping me build my team of professionals and thank you for saving me tons of money by being my thinking partner during the divorce process."

- Kendra
"Lisa, thank you for helping me heal. After losing my daughter I did not know how to live again. Thank you for helping me find the way to my life again. I appreciate beyond words all you have done for me."

- S.B
"Lisa you walked beside me, you met me where I was at and then helped me dig myself out of the deep trenches of divorce. Your compassion, support and sense of humor got me through a very dark time in my life. I am forever grateful for you and all you have done for me."

- Michelle
"Thank you for understanding, being completely present, and accepting me for who I am and where I am in my life."

- J.B.
"I worked with Lisa for over a year. She helped me find clarity around the choice to divorce and through the divorce process. I was referred to Lisa by a friend who highly recommended her. Lisa changed my life, she saved lots of time, energy, heartache and money through my divorce process and beyond. Thank you, Lisa, for being by my side during this very difficult time in my life."

- James
"Lisa, thank you for asking the right questions, being my beacon of hope I have never felt so seen and so heard."

- K.M.

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