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I'm Lisa Happ, a certified divorce, narcissistic abuse, and grief coach. I help support women through life's toughest challenges by guiding those in abusive, toxic, and narcissistic relationships through the process of ending the relationship and/or divorce, and beyond. Together, we can clear the fog and emotional chaos you're experiencing by setting boundaries, finding your voice, and reclaiming your power and your life.

"Lisa thank you for helping my Dad, thru his journey out of the cycles of substance abuse, my family and I are forever grateful, for you giving us our Dad back."

- Lance
"Working with Lisa was the best investment I could have ever made in myself. She helped me rise. I was overwhelmed by how to begin the divorce process, how to feel, how to get through the emotions, the paperwork... and still go to work and be a great Dad to my children. Lisa helped me focus, find words for my emotions, and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My children, my ex wife and myself all made it through the divorce. We are all happier, healthier and stronger than we ever were before. I give Lisa all the credit in the world for getting us there!"

- Aaron
"I worked with Lisa for over a year. She helped me find clarity around the choice to divorce and through the divorce process. I was referred to Lisa by a friend who highly recommended her. Lisa changed my life, she saved lots of time, energy, heartache and money through my divorce process and beyond. Thank you, Lisa, for being by my side during this very difficult time in my life."

- James
"Lisa, thank you for walking through my divorce with me. Thank you for helping me get organized and prepared for attorney appointments, thank you for helping me build my team of professionals and thank you for saving me tons of money by being my thinking partner during the divorce process."

- Kendra
"Thank you for understanding, being completely present, and accepting me for who I am and where I am in my life."

- J.B.
"Lisa, you saved my life, you helped me get through so many very dark days! I have made it through the past year because of you. I am a better Mom because of your love, support and kindness. Thank you, for helping me clear the fog in my head and breathe again!"

- Lisa

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