Toxic Relationship Recovery

Are you ready to let go of the storm that is circling around you, so you don’t get swept away?

Would you like to heal, release, forgive, and find peace?

Are you currently in or recovering from a toxic relationship?

Do you feel confused, crazy depleted, sad, or empty?

Are you ready to heal and move on to the next part of your life but your scared, tired, heartbroken or maybe don’t know where to begin?

Hello, My name is Lisa, I am a former therapist, Certified Grief, Divorce and Recovery Coach and a survivor of an abusive relationship.

I have designed a program that encompasses all of the modalities I have learned from my education and from my own personal experiences into a 10 week program that will help your heart and mind heal. This program will help you feel safe, and will allow  you forgive yourself, accept your past so you can begin release, let go and move forward.

Do you feel confused, scared, depleted? Is your head spinning and you don’t know which way to turn?

Do you feel as if nothing you do is ever good enough, so you try harder, have you given up all the things that are important to you? Is all this fear and confusion holding you back from moving forward with the life you want to live?

Are you ready to take action? The first step is the biggest step and that is make the decision that you don’t want to live this way any longer.

When you are ready, my 10 week Toxic Relationship Recovery Program, will support you in finding your way to peace, self confidence and healing.

I will support you, without you continuously needing to retell and rehash your story ( this keeps your fight, flight or freeze response on and prevents you from healing) and without searching for every book, podcast and group coaching program you can find. Only to realize you don’t have the time, energy or attention span to complete them. I will help you heal and move forward with ease in a 10 week program that will customized to you and your unique situation.

After completing your 10 week program you will feel lighter, more peaceful and able to feel joy again. You will have healthier relationships with your own self and others.  Through this program you will find peace, confidence confidence, freedom, relief and light this will support you when you are ready to create a new loving, healthy relationship with a healthy partner.

Once you complete this program you will be ready to able walk away from you past relationships and cycles of abuse and into your future and new life!

I have taken my lessons and all I learned to create a program that helps you heal, find yourself and move on to the next part of your life and when your ready to allow a healthy relationship and loving into your life

Your new life is waiting for you!

"I worked with Lisa for over a year. She helped me find clarity around the choice to divorce and through the divorce process. I was referred to Lisa by a friend who highly recommended her. Lisa changed my life, she saved lots of time, energy, heartache and money through my divorce process and beyond. Thank you, Lisa, for being by my side during this very difficult time in my life."

- James
"Lisa you walked beside me, you met me where I was at and then helped me dig myself out of the deep trenches of divorce. Your compassion, support and sense of humor got me through a very dark time in my life. I am forever grateful for you and all you have done for me."

- Michelle
"Lisa, thank you for helping me heal. After losing my daughter I did not know how to live again. Thank you for helping me find the way to my life again. I appreciate beyond words all you have done for me."

- S.B
"Lisa, thank you for asking the right questions, being my beacon of hope I have never felt so seen and so heard."

- K.M.
"Working with Lisa was the best investment I could have ever made in myself. She helped me rise. I was overwhelmed by how to begin the divorce process, how to feel, how to get through the emotions, the paperwork... and still go to work and be a great Dad to my children. Lisa helped me focus, find words for my emotions, and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My children, my ex wife and myself all made it through the divorce. We are all happier, healthier and stronger than we ever were before. I give Lisa all the credit in the world for getting us there!"

- Aaron
"Thank you for understanding, being completely present, and accepting me for who I am and where I am in my life."

- J.B.

Toxic Relationship Recovery 10 Week Program

Investment: $1500

10 90-Minute Coaching Sessions

Unlimited text and email support throughout the entire program duration.

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