Life Coaching

Life can get chaotic, confusing, messy, draining, boring and sad sometimes.

Sometimes you can feel it. You need to change, You need to heal. You need to transform. When you are in this place it’s hard to know how or where to begin.

I am here to help you. Let’s begin.


As a former therapist and now Certified Transition, Recovery and Divorce Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Wellness Instructor, I understand life can get messy sometimes and it can be hard to ask for help.

I am here to meet you wherever you are, to help you untangle your current life and help you design the life you desire and support you as you walk towards your future.

I help successful, career driven individuals and entrepreneurs who have started to feel a little or maybe a big intuitive nudge that something in their life needs to change, and they are ready to take action.

My Story

I have always had vague memories of something not being right about my childhood. When the memories would creep in, I would push them away, when I could no longer push them away, I ran from them. When I could not run anymore. I got help. After doing extensive EMDR, Coaching, and Therapy I was able to stop running and allow myself to see and feel and process what I had been trying to push away and run from my entire life.

Then in 2020, the unimaginable happen. My son suddenly passed away. It was unexpected and devastating and I was not sure how to go on, survive and keep going but I found a way.

Soon after my son died, a long-term relationship I had been in went from bad to worse, my eyes became more open to what many of my friends and family had been telling me for years. I was in a toxic and harmful relationship.

About 10 years ago, I filed for divorced because my husband at the time was self-destructing and I knew I needed to save my children and myself. I was an entrepreneur trying to build a business and a single mom with full custody of my children. I was tired, exhausted, and depleted but I kept going and keep growing even on the days I did not think I could.

With much help from my sister, coach, and friends, I found the courage to leave this relationship, and begin a new life.
It took work, it took digging deep, it took a journey of letting go, letting in, and learning much about myself.

But I did it, I survived I am ok.

I am more than ok. I am thriving in this new chapter of my life and now I help others who are struggling to be ok and then to thrive. As a former therapist, Certified Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach, and Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist, I have devoted this next chapter of my life to helping others move through whatever it is life has thrown at them onto their new lives and their new chapters.

My goal for you is for you to be OK and then to thrive.

  • I will support you in helping YOU find out who YOU are, and what you want and how to get there.
  • I will help you  in letting go of the feeling of being alone, exhausted, depleted and unhappy.
  • You will find your voice, your spark, self love, financial security, balance, happiness and healthy relationships.
  • We will will together to help you find this place of joy without signing up for 100 self help classes or workout classes and without continuously telling yourself, your family and friends that something in your life needs to change.
  • I will help you get to a place of self love, balance and happiness by helping you find clarity. We will design the life you desire, the life you are ready for and the life you deserve.
  • We will work together to discover the actions and steps you need to take to get you to your new life. I will walk beside you the entire way, guiding you and supporting you. I am here to be your coach, mentor and accountability partner.

During our 6 months together you will find confidence, empowerment, your voice and YOU. You will learn to let go and also let in. You will learn to not only give but to also receive. You will have a safe space to heal from your past and create you new life, walk into your new life and thrive.

Life Coaching

Reset Your Life

Investment: $15000

Unlimited 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

Unlimited support through text, email and quick phone chats

Unlimited concierge support to help you research professionals, jobs, healthcare providers

2 x 30 minute customized workouts per month

2 customized meditation, breath-work or meditation session with my hypnosis coach

Grief Recovery and Toxic Relationship Recovery if needed

Anything else you may need to support you walking into you new life and reaching your goals

Lisa has worked with clients who are struggling with substance abuse, exploring career changes, adjusting to retirement, leaving abusive relationships, dating and relationships.
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